Heavy Lift Vessels & Heavy Lift Ship Services

Management company with tug/barge/operation/ management/crew/manning/marketing & salvage services. World-wide ocean towing logistic services. Inland & coastal US towing services through our country wide operator network with US flag/Jones-Act privileges for domestic cargo services.

Manned by a Scandinavian staff from the Merchant Marine with Ro- Ro-traffic and ocean towing services conducted between USA to Central and South America, with container/trailer traffic, aggregate-commodities-, bulk-cargoes, heavy lift vessels and heavy equipment. Heavy lift ship services available.

24 hrs service for salvage operations in the Central-/South-American, Caribbean Sea, US & Mexican Gulf, US East & West Coast, incl. the Atlantic waters.

We offer US flag tonnage and/or Foreign flag (Non Jones Act) tug & barge services for international carriage of cargoes between the US and above areas.

Heavy lift submersible carrier services on ship or barge basis for any location in the world with ample water depth available. Turn-key operations from floating in water pick up, back to floating in water deliveries.

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heavy lift ship YACHT DELIVERY
130' motor yacht delivered by tow from Bermuda to Savannah due to an engine failure caused by poor fuel quality.
heavy lift vessels SUBM. BARGE TOWING
4,500 BHP tug with a 12,500 DWT subm. ocean deck barge for aggregate and bulk cargoes.
5,000 BHP long haul ocean tug towing a 40,000 DWT ex container vessel from USWC across the Pacific to Bhavnagar, India.
Complete tow preparation of a cargo vessel from shaft/rudder locks, securing of sea-chests/overboard disch. lines, main bridle connections and a full "ships length" 2 1/4" safety tow wire and retrieving lines.

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nmmi1 nmmi2

Ship Tow
NMMI provide ship towing services on world wide basis for the merchant marine industry and delivery services for trading and/or disabled vessels from and to any location in the world.
nmmi3 nmmi3b Scrap Tow
NMMI provide delivery services for "scrap/demolishing candidate-ships" from and to any location in the world.
nmmi4 Tandem Tow
NMMI has selected experienced tug boat crews, knowledgeable in all applicable and insurable towing techniques, including tandem tows.
nmmi5 Salvage Mexico
NMMI has available a fleet of versatile, deep and shallow draft vessels, suitable for all kinds of International offshore projects, as well as salvage assist and removal of "beached" vessels.
nmmi6 Salvage Florida
Good relations with most governments enables NMMI to respond quickly with tug units, even in waters normally reserved for National flag vessels.
nmmi7 Subm. Dry Tow
Special "dry tow deliveries" of inland-configuration vessels/barges on special submersible ocean barge units are conducted regularly, when moving equipment to new overseas locations for "Turn key project start up" conducted by our "in house" technical consulting staff.
nmmi8 nmmi9 Subm. Heavy Lift
Chartering & partial cargo coordination with larger submersible carriers for customers moving smaller quantity cargo on irregular basis to irregular destinations.
nmmi10 nmmi11 nmmi12 nmmi13 nmmi14 "Artificial dry-dock" submersible operations
Submersing /heavy lift operations of "non-submersible units" for special delivieries to ports with "little or none" service facilities to accommodate such operations. Special project design to suit each individual client's circumstances and needs.

Contact: 1323 SE 17th Street, #521, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316. Phone: 954-524-0025 . Fax: 954-524-0056