Offering Tug-Boat Services, Heavy Lift Ship Services & More


NSCI is Marine Consulting Services company established in Miami, Florida 1980, owned and operated by Merchant Marine officers with extensive experience from World-wide Ocean Towing & salvage/ship-assistance and services to all sectors of the offshore Marine Industry.

NSCI is providing tug-boat & heavy lift ship services any-where in the world for any type project through a vast infra-structure network, built over the last 28 years,

NSCI provide a 24 hr stand-by service for the Marine Industry, with a readiness to provide any required service to ship-operators in need of urgent assistance, or when facing machinery failures, groundings or other problems beyond a ship's crews normal capability.

NSCI has documented a long track-record in providing succesful and reliable services.

NSCI is capable of serving and draw on experiences with tasks from a vast knowledge-base, accumulated from our presence in many World-wide locations.

Heavy Lift Vessels & Heavy Lift Ship Services

NSCI provide broker services for:

  • Ships
  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Ocean going tugs and port tugs
  • River push tugs
  • Ocean & inland deck-, tank-, hopper-barges

NSCI have a large number of listings for both new-built and used vessels and equipment available through our direct contact with owners, shipyards and suppliers at most locations around the world.

Contact: 1323 SE 17th Street, #521, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316. Phone: 954-524-0025 . Fax: 954-524-0056